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Lawyer found dead in his Kitui house

 A State Counsel’s body was found dangling from a rope in his bathroom in Kitui town at 11am in the morning, Kitui Central Sub County Police Commander Chrispus Ogutu has confirmed.

State Counsel Kelvin Gesire (pictured) was found dead in his house today at 11am. Police say his body was discovered dangling from a rope in his house. Photo/COURTESY

Mr Kelvin Gesire was a State Counsel at Kitui Office of Director of Public Prosecution.

The body of Mr Gesire was taken to the privately-owned Tribute Funeral Home for preservation.

He was 34-years-old. Police said he didn't leave behind a suicide note.

Ogutu said his officers are doing investigations to unravel the cause of death after a postmoterm is done. 

For now, they are treating it as suicide case.

"The body was lying in the bathroom, across the door. And outside the bathroom, there were clothes of the late.

On close observation of the body, we realised there was a belt that was tied around his neck and fastened against a grill within the same bathroom. So, we formed an opinion that the late could have committed suicide", said Mr Chrispus Ogutu, Kitui Central Sub County Police Commander.


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