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This Mrembo has gone to be with the Angels at 110 years

 MAMA ESTHER Nzuku Karovoo died on Monday aged 110 years. Mr Peter Mwatha, who is her grandson has confirmed.

The late Mama Esther Nzuku Karovoo died on Monday aged 110 years old. Photo/COURTESY

“Esther Nzuku Karovoo, 110 years… My hero… Rest in Peace Grandma. You have fought a good fight”, said Mwatha.

Other residents of Tseikuru Ward sent their condolences saying she lived more than a century.

This mrembo has gone to be with the angels”, said Fred Ngundi.

According to 2019 census report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, life expectancy in Kenya is 67 years.

Kenya’s life expectancy is higher than South Africa (64), says the World Bank in a report obtained by Mwingi Times called

Life expectancy at birth, total (years) - Kenya

Tanzania’s life expectancy is 65 while that of Uganda is 63.

The World Bank says that Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has a life expectancy of 55 years.


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