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87.5 per cent of Kitui MPs re-elected

Majority of Kitui County Members of the National Assembly were voted into office for another five-year term.

Kitui Central MP Dr Makali Mulu is  congratulated by his wife Agnes Makali. All MPs in Kitui defended their seats apart from Kitui Rural slated to conduct polls later this month. Photo/JOSPHINE MWENDE

Only Kitui Rural constituency did not conduct the general elections on August 9 this year.  This was due to the names of candidates vying for the MP seat being misplaced. They were found in South Pokot. IEBC said that it will carry out Kitui Rural electiions on August 23rd.

One of the hotly contested seats was Kitui Central MP which had a taste of a youth candidate in contest. Former KBC news anchor Bonnie Musambi emerged number two after Dr Makali Mulu. Mulu garnered 30,571 votes while the ex-KBC anchor scored 9,866 votes.

Speaking to the press, Kitui Central MP-elect Dr Makali Mulu Benson called upon his competitors to join hands with him and work for the residents. "I hereby ask all my competitors to accept me as their MP and accept to work with me. Bring your leadership views and ideas then come we work together as a team for the benefit of the Kitui Central people" said Mulu.

Kitui County has eight constituencies. Five are in Kitui region. They are Kitui Central, Rural, South, West and East. Mwingi region has three namely: Mwingi Central, North and West.


Fari gets music scholarship after heartbreak

“SEASON FINALE! Thank you, Team Janesis”. Ends a long running telenovela. This is the 29th Episode of a rich display of talent which we highly recommend for upscaling for better showcase.

Fari maintains her lead in role play making the acts close to reality.

While it was not immediately clear why the abrupt end, viewers must be waiting for a return. It is true that these are some of the best cast members: Jane, Sammy and Fari.  Among them, we give Fari the gold medal.

Even though Sammy is the author and Jane the lead actress, there are scenes that they fall short.  But throughout the 29 rolls of camera, Fari does her best in the characters she portrays.

We take issue with the producer. It is a disservice to hand Jane a villain role when most if not all the past roles she has come off as nice, romantic and sweet girl.

She is consoled by Andrew, Fari and Sammy when her mother is taken hostage, when she is reduced to a maid and as she recounts what she can remember of her mother’s death.

Lazy portrayal of crime scenes

Jane’s mother’s death is a mystery. But inside it was a lazy portrayal of crime scenes. Though it is make-believe, it is unconvincing to viewers who have watched reality such as TV news and better edited crime documentaries and movies.

The showcasing of Jane with a toy gun and spotting black regalia doesn’t make the scene lethal. She doesn’t fire any shot. Even if it was not real, it would have served the purpose.  She is too nice in a kidnapping scene. Criminals are bad people. No slap, no roughing up of Mr Ofula.

This scene is unconvincing.

To make matters worse, the police officer at the scene looks like part of the family waiting for prompts from director on whom to arrest and leave behind.

Back to Fari. She is the best. The audience can feel that her betrayal was unwarranted. The guilt in Sammy’s eyes is palpable and wiping tears on Fari’s cheeks marries the act to the real heartbreak as happens in normal settings.

The extended edition serves as a reminder to film and production practitioners that more needs to be done to give our actors pay. We hope a TV manager will pick this show and give SK Entertainment a platform to showcase their best. See you in the next episode. Don’t keep us waiting for so long.


Former TV anchor concedes defeat

Former KBC news anchor Bonface Musambi has accepted the defeat in the Member of Parliament race in Kitui Central.

Ex-KBC news anchor Bonface Musambi has conceded defeat even as he alleged foul play in the just concluded Kitui Central MP polls. Photo/FILE

Musambi who was vying for the MP seat on UDA party ticket gave a hand of salute to the seating and incumbent MP Dr. Makali Mulu and asked him to take his third term to serve the people of Kitui Central equally.

"My political JOURNEY begins officially! Despite open and delight massive rigging in Kitui County including Kitui central constituency, I choose not to dispute MNA results. I therefore take this opportunity to congratulate the MP-elect Hon. Dr. Makali Mulu." he wrote on his official Facebook page.

 He congratulated Dr Mulu and promised to work with him to take the constituency to another level.  

The former KBC news anchor also congratulated himself for getting many votes under the UDA party in the Ukambani constituency. 

"On a very positive note, I'm very happy to have delivered the highest number of Ruto's votes among all Ukambani constituencies. Kitui Central led." he said.

He appreciated all the supporters who believed in him and voted for him.


CHAOS in Syongila over vote counting

CHAOS have been witnessed at Syongila polling station in Kitui Central where a senatorial candidate raised alarm over the number of votes counted.

UDA senator candidate in Kitui county Mr Stephen Kilonzo (left, in a cap), his supporters, an IEBC official and police inside Syongila polling station. Photo/JOSPHINE MWENDE

Stephen Kilonzo who is the UDA candidate claimed that the number of votes counted was different from the number of registered voters in Syongila polling station.

Police drawn from Kitui Central calmed the furious residents as they took over the situation. Later, result tabulation process resumed as normal though under close supervision of the police.


NGILU: IEBC retained my name on ballot to confuse residents and waste votes

 The Kitui County Governor Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu has cast her voter at Ithookwe show ground, Kitui Central in Kitui County. 

Outgoing Kitui governor Ms Charity Ngilu casts her vote at Ithookwe show ground. She lamented that IEBC retained her name on the ballot "to confuse voters". Photo/COURTESY

Speaking to members of press after voting she confirmed that she is not vying for the gubernatorial seat although her name and picture is appearing in the ballot paper.

"I'm surprised because I wrote a withdrawal letter to IEBC indicating that I'm not vying for this gubernatorial seat because I want to do something better for the Kitui citizens.  But I'm shocked that my name is still appearing in the ballot which means IEBC wants to confuse Kitui residents and waste votes."  she revealed.

The governor withdrew from the gubernatorial race and supports Senator David Musila. Printing ballot papers and transporting them is an expensive exercise. In addition to logistics, staff need to be paid to carry out the actual voting, counting and announcement of votes cast.

















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