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Agnes Kalekye appointed KBC MD

Ms Agnes Kalekye is the new Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer for the national broadcaster, KBC. She was appointed by the CS for Information, Communication and Digital Economy Eliud Owalo. The appointment which takes  effect immediately will last for three years.
Ms Agnes Kalekye is the new Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, KBC Managing Director, CEO. |FILE

Prior to her appointment, Ms Agnes Kalekye was the Chief Operating Officer for The Star Publications. She is the current Chairperson of the Media Owners Association, MOA.

Eight candidates were shortlisted for interview on February 13, 2024 of the competitive role which Ms Agnes Kalekye is the new occupant.


Jacob Ireri opens public toilet at Kabubua Kanyama amid celebrations

Jacob Ireri, popularly known as Mbao, has inaugurated a new public toilet for the residents of Kabubua Kanyama, in Mbeere North, Embu County addressing a critical need for better sanitation in the area. The opening ceremony, held today (Friday), was marked by jubilant celebrations from the local community.
A mammoth crowd witnesses as MBAO opens public toilet at Kabubua Kanyama. MWINGI TIMES|Brian Musyoka

The newly constructed facility, centrally located in Kabubua Kanyama, includes modern amenities aimed at improving hygiene and convenience for the residents. This project is part of a larger initiative to enhance public health infrastructure in the region, funded by MBAO Foundation.

In his address during the event , Mbao  who is deaf, through his sign language interpreter, underscored the significance of the new facility. “Access to clean and safe sanitation is a basic human right,” he stated. “This public toilet will play a vital role in preventing diseases and promoting overall health in our community.” His speech was met with applause from attendees who have long struggled with inadequate sanitation facilities.

The local residents, particularly women and children, expressed their relief and excitement about the new public toilet. Many recounted their daily challenges due to the lack of proper sanitation, including health issues and the inconvenience of using delapidated facilities. The new facility is expected to significantly alleviate these problems, providing a safe and accessible option for all.

The opening ceremony was not merely a formal event but a celebration of community spirit and cooperation. The festivities included traditional dances and music, adding vibrancy to the occasion.

As the event progressed, several locals expressed their gratitude and urged Mbao to continue his efforts in aiding the needy and uplifting the community. They highlighted other pressing needs, such as access to clean drinking water and better waste management. In response, Mbao reaffirmed his commitment to the ongoing community development, acknowledging the residents’ concerns and promising further action.

Community leaders and health experts believe that the new toilet will serve as a model for similar projects.


Anything for Fari

IN YES I DO, EPISODE 6, one thing led to another and here we are with a collapsed marriage that was arranged. Doing something that will live with you for eternity for other people except yourself is a precursor for crumbling of many relationships.
Tamara told Fari (L) to move on since Sammy has never been there for her. But going by her indecisiveness, she is headed back to the Barazas as an estranged second wife. This matrimonial agreement has many flaws that don't work for Fari and it entrenches commodification of women. But they choose it. Don't they?|SK ENTERTAINMENT

Mzee Baraza thinks that he could still buy love and he didn't first check his bank balance. Bringing Fari to the same house as a second wife proved chaotic and would never have worked. He stays with first wife already. And she too fled.

But this marriage failed because it lacked foundation. Baraza helped Mzee Michael to leave jail, we're told. Then as a way of showing appreciation, it's like he gave away his daughter to the sponsor of his freedom. "I am grateful he got me out of jail but he cannot have his way all the time", Mike laments.

But Fari has other plans. Sammy, the immediate ex-boyfriend is candid to Fari. "Hii kitu we jikaze for the sake of your parents. It hurts. It should not be like that but what will we do?" , he asks.

While Fari's parents are complicit in selling their daughter to a hurtful man, it looks like she will close many chapters in looking for love. Tamara advises her not to get back to Sammy since he was never there for her when she needed him the most.

Away from much drama about relationships and their imminent failure, we get to have a glimpse of what friends are for. Like Tom tipping his friends about fashion. He tells Sammy that his chest is supposed to be for those who should see it. Otherwise, utashtua wasichana. Or a truthful one-liner he gets from Shikwekwe thus: Wasichana watakumaliza.


Livestock prices in Tseikuru market

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What charter award means to Tangaza University

On May 2, 2024, Tangaza University College attained remarkable achievement of being awarded a charter by President Dr William Ruto. The charter award ceremony was held at State House, Nairobi. The university will be able to offer a variety of courses. It will also be able to grow in every aspect even for the benefit of the community.
The Tangaza University Vice Chancellor Rev. Prof. Patrick Mwania (centre) with other members of university fraternity during celebrations of award of charter on May 2, 2024 in Nairobi. |FILE

The theme for the day was "Celebrating a New Dawn of Greater Service to Church and Society". The charter award ceremony was also attended by H.E. Rev Hurbertus Van Megen, Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan, His Grace Archbishop Philip Anyolo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Nairobi and the Tangaza University Pro-Chancellor, Kajiado county Governor H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku, VCs from neighbouring universities among other esteemed leaders.

In the VC's Newsletter Vol.8,  the institution of higher learning gives an extended account of its journey to academic excellence resulting in award of charter. It underscores that the milestone is just the beginning of greater achievements to come and is not an end in itself.

Tangaza University programs are value-based and anchored in social teachings of the Church as it is a Catholic institution. It started as a theological centre with about 20 seminarians. Today it boasts of more than 2000 students whose nationalities are spread across 40 countries.
23 undergraduate and postgraduate programs approved by the Commission on University Education, CUE and offered at the newly chartered Tangaza University.|CUE

Tangaza University Vice Chancellor Rev. Prof. Patrick Mwania is committed in upholding the principles of good governance for best practices in management, the newsletter is quoted saying in part.

H.E. Governor Joseph Ole Lenku (Kajiado) was the chief guest during the award of charter in Tangaza University.  In his keynote speech, he congratulated the university for its commitment in pursuing grand intellectual ambitions. He also expressed admiration for its uniqueness in engaging withe world to affect change in intellectual journeys. This is done with a missionary zeal.

Tangaza is one of the two youngest universities to receive a charter in Kenya.  The other one was the Management University of Africa.

















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