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Man beaten up in Mwingi for allegedly stealing three pieces of iron sheets

Members of the public in Mwingi Township have been warned against taking law into their hands. Instead, they should report all acts of injustice to police for appropriate actions to be taken against the alleged perpetrators.

Mwingi OCPD Peter Mutuma has warned township residents against taking law into their own hands after police rescued a man being beaten up over a series of theft cases. Photo/FILE 

The stern warning to wananchi came as it emerged that a 40-year-old man had been beaten up and injured by angry mob over allegations that he had been involved in a series of theft cases in Kasevi area in Mwingi Township.

David Musyimi Mutemi was beaten up by the members of the public as he was accused of stealing three pieces of iron sheets. “The suspect had visible injuries on the head and leg appearing beaten”, said Mwingi OCPD Mr Peter Mutuma confirming the incident which was reported to his station a quarter to six o’clock in the evening.

Police rescued the suspect from angry members of the public. He was taken to Mwingi Level Four Hospital for treament. Upon treatment, he was discharged “in a fair condition”, said the Mwingi police chief.

Mwingi police boss Peter Mutuma has called upon wananchi to use honest means to earn a living too. “I urge these culprits to find other means of hustling other than being involved in crime activities.”, he said.


FOUR seriously injured in night accident

 Road users should take the necessary precautions especially at night and more so wear reflector jackets to minimize incidences of accidents, police have warned.

Mwingi OCPD Peter Mutuma addresses the press in his office during a past interview. Photo/FILE

Speaking to MWINGI TIMES, Mwingi OCPD Peter Mutuma decried an increase in road crashes within the township.

The Mwingi police boss was speaking after confirming injury of four road users yesterday at around 7pm.

The accident occurred along Mwingi-Thika road involving a motor vehicle which was being driven from Mwingi general direction towards Thika direction.

“Upon reaching Delta petrol station, there were four men carrying a billboard that was wide enough to occupy a reasonable part of the road, without reflecting materials to alert other road users at night hours heading the same direction hence the driver did not notice them from a distance, rammed on them and stopped a few meters away on the left side.”, said Mutuma.

The Mwingi police commander said Peter Kitili, Mbuvi Muthui, James Kilanga and Francis Kyalo Mulyungi were seriously injured during the accident. All the four were taken to Mwingi Level Four Hospital and the vehicle that hit them was detained at Mwingi Police Station awaiting inspection and further police action.


Business paralysis over outage

 Hydroelectricity driven businesses in Tseikuru town, Mwingi North Constituency have suffered losses for five days with no electricity.

Camp Nou studios in Tseikuru CBD. Frequent electricity blackouts in the town deny traders income since they rely on the electricity to run their businesses. Photo/FILE

Speaking to MWINGI TIMES, a trader lamented that Kenya Power has a habit of disconnecting electricity during the day and only allowing it to run during the night.

He exclaims that the situation was like night data bundles since the energy distribution monopoly reconnects his business at around 11am and switches off the following morning at 8am.

"They always disconnect us from the national grid at a time like this when schools are closed yet it is the time our businesses peak", said Alfred Mutua who runs Camp Nou studio for showcasing football, computer games and movies.


NDINDA: Adding up elegance to Black


I'm pretty sure that we all have a black coloured garment in our closet. It could be a shirt, pants, a top or even a little black dress. 

Try black today and you won't be disappointed by its elegance. Photo/FILE

Black is a colour that comes along any day, any time is especially when you do not know what you put on or even when you want to blend in with some other bright colours.

Have you ever put on or thought of putting on all black but did not know how to add some elegance to it? Well, worry not. We'll spice up everything for you. When going for black, below are some of the tips to consider.

Consider doing scarfs. In one of our articles, we talked about the most essential things in our closets and scarfs was among them. See how they come in now? Well, a scarf brings in some style and a great sense of fashion. If possible, have different colours and types of scarfs.

Accessorize. Accessories will never go whichever day. You could do a bangle or a watch, do a chain or a neck piece. A traditional accessory would go a long way in making sure that you carry the day.

Put on some jacket. A denim jacket will always carry the day. You could decide to stick to one bright colour or do a blend. It could be a sleeveless jacket or a long sleeved one. You can be sure that you'll be looking all great.

Try out some different types of shoes. A little black dress would do with boots, could be ankle length or knee length, sneakers rubbers or even sandals. You could also try out some stilettos or some chunky heels.

Keep it classy and casual. All this will go so well if you kept it casual. You could do a nice sassy handbag or even a clutch bag just to add taste to it all.

Add some little bit of Ankara. You could have your piece customized with Ankara. There is no better way to bring out the Ankara pieces than blending it with black.

Any day, any time Black will always work out for you. Try black and you won't be disappointed. Remember to always keep it Elegant, classy and sassy. 

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

Master orator to contend with CNN, Kitungi in the fight for Mwingi West MP

 No doubt Patrick Koki Musau alias Kuvasila’s candidature has made Mwingi West parliamentary seat competition tough.

Former Kitui CECM for Tourism, Sports and Culture Hon Patrick Musau during Chapa Dimba na Safaricom in 2019. He is vying for Mwingi West MP and banks on his kind heart in helping the constituents to be voted in. Photo/COURTESY

The stakes are high given the Wiper party incumbent MP CNN is defending his seat against an increasingly confident former MP and electorate being lobbied to vote for individuals not parties.

Both Koki and Bernard Kitungi have accompanied gubernatorial candidate David Musila as he crisscrossed the expansive constituency last week and today.

Conspicuously absent from the rallies was CNN.

Kuvasila has been the most outspoken. He buys time to let others speak before him and when he takes to the mic, the residents are treated to humour and near fable stories full of wit and vague generalities.


Over time, the former governor Charity Ngilu minister has trained his guns on his two political nemeses, Kitungi and CNN. He says Kitungi has had his time and CNN his too before quickly appointing himself as the most fit to be area MP.

Koki says that it is only senator David Musila and him who are philanthropic enough to help citizens from time to time. He looks forward to better working relationship with him.

While Musila’s manifesto includes providing food for nursery school children, Patrick said that he will work with national government to introduce a similar program in primary school once elected.

“I will provide food for all students from class one to eight. My bill that I will take to parliament includes lowering the age that should get cash for wazees from 70 to 55 so that they can enjoy themselves by buying new shoes and clothes”, said Kuvasila,

Only time will tell who will be next MP for Mwingi West.

















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