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Governor Ngilu refers to Musila as an old visionless leader

 Kitui governor Charity Ngilu has hit the road running welcoming calls for a duel between her and her political foes, that is former Kitui Senator David Musila and former governor Dr. Julius Malombe. 


While the embattled governor has been cornered with rising uproar over her amorphous and spontaneous form of development agenda (software development as it is referred by many), she has activated her political prowess and now she seams to have activated her campaign machinery.

Speaking on Monday at Nzalae playground during the launch of an initiative which is expected to see residents issued with title deeds for the over 50 years old farmers ranch, governor Ngilu in a charm offensive termed the former senator David Musila as an old visionless leader who the best thing he could achieve as an MP for Mwingi West was construction of a morgue at Migwani hospital.

"Ekai nimukuly'e, asu Makwitya kivila kii tyo akuu? Ni nikyau mwamwikie yila mai Kivilani? Maendeeyo ni kumwakia Morturay vaaya Migwani sivitali vandu va kumuetee ndawa na kunyaiikisya kiw'u?" This translated would read, "Let me ask you, are those people campaigning against me in this area old? what did they do to you while they were in office? Is the only development they could do just construct a mortuary at Migwani Level IVhospital, instead of equipping it with drug supply and also supply you with adequate water", said the governor who seamed very agitated. 

Senator Musila seams to have a dark past with the residents of Nzalae, as governor Ngilu beat him at the poling station despite him coming from the area and having served them as their MP for long.  

Former Governor Dr. Julius Malombe was also not left unscathed, the governor termed him as a man whose development agenda lacked relevance and all he could do is use a lot of unwarranted English to address residents.

"Tunayi nongi ula wia wake unai kuneena kisungu, inywe mwenda kisungu kana ni maendeeyo? Kuu kusuite manyumba manene vate undu matethasya mwenenthi wa Kitui, Kiu nikyo mukwenda?," Translated as, " We had another one whose job was to speak a lot of English, let me ask you is what you want English all somebody who can speak with you in Kikamba? Due to him we have many huge buildings an structures of no relevance to Kitui people, is this what you want?" she asked Nzalae residents.  

With a bag full of pieces of clothing sewn at her KICOTEC company at Syongila and cans of mango and honey wine (Kaluvu) which she also claimed was a produce of her government, Ngilu urged residents of Nzalae to embrace her development agenda as it was aimed at wealth creation at the grass root. 

"We are making all these things from Kitui so that we can make money, we want to make you rich by selling our items to the national government and local markets," added the governor. 

However, what remains a mystery to many is where the money paid after selling of the commodities goes ranging from manufacturing of chiefs uniforms, to police uniforms and now the wine and other detergents. 

There is a feeling among Kitui residents that more ought to be happening on the ground rather than residents being told to embrace development which is only happening at Kitui town. 

                                                             Story by: Mwingi Times reporter

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