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Faulty transformer subjects Kalimbui to 6 months of blackout

Kalimbui village has gone for six months without hydroelectric power despite it being connected to the national grid.

Kenya Power at work. Photo/FILE

The most affected areas are Kalimbu secondary school, Kalimbui primary school; and Kalimbui shopping centre.

Mwingi Times has established that the reason behind blackout is failure by the power monopoly to repair a faulty transformer located inside Kalimbui secondary school.

Mr Musyoka Kathuru, a resident says that Kenya Power is adamant about repairing the transformer.

Shops close

Today is a market day in Tseikuru town and Kenya Power has disconnected connection despite small scale traders relying on power utility to run their businesses. They are welders, electricity shops such as those charging mobile phones and salons and barber shops.

Residents have been shifting to solar energy because it seems more reliable and cheaper than hydroelectric power.

Occasionally, residents have been treated to mum replies to their complaints when they launch their cries.

Those who can afford rely on generators to run their services when power outage occurs. Majority cannot. These outages are never reflected on the Kenya Power website and residents are caught off-guard like today which is a peak period to make money but they cannot do so due to Kenya Power outage.



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