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Valentine’s Day should be every day

With just a few days to the annual men's conference and the national day of praying and fasting towards the healing of our nation, the lesser serious members of our society (read Women) seem to have lost the focus. 



These creatures that were the first to talk to a snake in the proverbial garden of Eden (I believe there is more to the story) have opted to focus on useless things like flowers, chocolates and red attire.

Unbeknownst to them, the daughters of Eve are propagating a deeply dangerous capitalistic practice that aims at milking the pockets of men dry on a single day by selling what would be considered useless items in a single day.

Come to think of it, how many times do you wear red on a normal day? Somehow, our 'ribs' have been convinced that love should be celebrated in a single day. To make the matters worse, they opted for the worst of colours to celebrate love. RED, the colour of blood.

It is at this point that I mention that Saint Valentine died for love. Sorry, for snitching.


It pains me to see how desperate our sisters, daughters, mothers and crushes have become as the day beckons. Our WhatsApp DMs that we're usually drier than a Kalenjin's joke, are now overflowing with 'heys' and emojis that were previously reserved for our fathers only (read Sponsors).

I mean, how many memes does it take to convince the other gender that we will NOT be available on February 14, 2021? What part of prayer and fasting don't they understand? Even Health CS Mutahi Kagwe himself, most of the time a clueless statistician, now understands the dire need to put our focus elsewhere, to more important issues like blood donation.

This brings me to my parting shot, I know the pressure is immense. I know that the Western culture of celebrating useless days has really crept into our systems but I ask of you that read this article to deliver your mind-set from these neo-colonial practices.

Valentine’s Day should be every day when you are dating and/or married to the right person.

Miss me with the “what are you getting me this Valentines”. If at all anything, you should get me Ugali and Omena that day. Immediately after I come home from the men's conference. I presume I will be very tired from carrying all this wisdom around.

Have a liberated Valentine's Day, will you?



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