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NAOMI: Put yourself first. Life must move on

Having been admitted in hospital for two days and not able to speak, none of Sammy's friends cared except Douglas Shikwekwe. Yet he gave his whole life to Abbie. He even lost his job to retain Naomi after his catastrophic fallout with Boss Okumu.

Disinterested,  Abbie looks away as Boss Okumu explains about Sammy's ill-fated accident that left him bedridden for two days and not speaking.|SK ENTERTAINMENT

Now, Okumu is feigning and faking compassion to excuse Douglas to "take all your time in the world" to attend to a bedridden Mr Kioko.

Such is life. Those you are willing to be killed for their survival would never take a bullet for you. Life's contradictions.

But Naomi's advice in all this fast phased digital era to Mercy is terse and still firmly reassuring: Put yourself first. Life must move on.

While we're are not told what caused Sammy's hospitalization, it is what you get for antagonizing a former powerful manager and cheating while swapping Abbie and Naomi without care. Poor planning and forgetfulness made him be caught.

Interesting how Naomi will manage Abbie who displaced him earlier as Sammy's better option. Perfect time to revenge. It's long since someone cried and cursed. See you here next week EP 14.


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