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Governor Malombe partners with National Government for better security

Kitui County governor Dr Julius Malombe is leading an ambitious collaboration with the National Government to help fight insecurity in the county. The initiative involves building eight police stations along insecurity-prone areas neighbouring Tana River County in order to protect  residents.
Ongoing construction of Kona Kaliti police station in Mutha Ward, Kitui South Sub County.| MWINGI TIMES 

While leading a delegation in inspecting the ongoing construction of Kona Kaliti police  station in Mutha Ward, Kitui South constituency,  Peter Nkunda, the CECM Overseeing Departments in the Governor's Office emphasized the importance of continuous security for Kituians.

Nkunda who also serves as Water and Irrigation CECM said the joint effort involves Kitui County Government building the necessary infrastructure while the President William Ruto-led government deploys security personnel for their operationalization.

"The safety and security of our residents are our utmost priority. Those living in areas along Kitui-Tana River border have faced severe security challenges for years. However, with the operationalization of these stations, we aim to put an end to these issues,", stated Nkunda.

The other police station that has been completed in this noble initiative is Mandongoi police station in Ngomeni Ward, Mwingi North.GSU police officers were deployed to boost local security.

CECM Nkunda also highlighted the ongoing construction of two more stations in Endau/Malalani (Twambui) and Voo/Kyamatu (Imumba) Wards. He added that there are plans to construct four more stations in Tseikuru, Nguni, Nuu and Kanziku Wards.

The CEC was accompanied by Stephen Salee, the Chief Officer for Decentralized Units, Assistant Directors Patrick Kyangie and Fredinah Nzau among other county government staff.


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