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Challenges stingy men go through in dating scene

1000 bob was not enough to pay for the philandering sins Sammy Kioko committed. Not once was he caught with his hands on another man's cookie jar.
Rejected. It's either Sammy did not enunciate his apology well or he ran out of luck since his greed whet his appetite too much to be satisfied by Naomi alone.|SK ENTERTAINMENT 

While Naomi is not exactly revenging, she cries so much for our sympathies. But we don't control the levers. 

This eleventh episode blows a cover to a best kept bro's code. That a man's best friend knows his friend's cheating partner. Shikwekwe, though working with Naomi, know that Sammy was cheating with Abbie but never told her. At her cost. Of course.

Next time you see a bro's best friend, just know that he knows next. That you're now.

But still, Sammy's blunder in apologizing is that although his rose was red, it was not romantic. Plus of course, he was stingy. He came casually and knocked. With all his wrong moves, he was best advised to up his generosity because there was no charity at home yet he was asking for forgiveness. He is on his way out. Forgotten.


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