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Church stops clergy from working over lack of certificate

Chaos erupted in a church in Kitui West as it emerged that the clergy presiding over a Sunday service lacked a crucial certification.
An interrupted Sunday service in AIC Kiumoni church on November 5, 2023. A member of the clergy without the required theological certificate was stopped from presiding over the Sunday service. MWINGI TIMES|Josphine Mwende

The service ceased abruptly at AIC Kiumoni  church when it was known that "pastor" Charles Musyoka tried beseeching the church to strike an agreement with him rather than stopping him from leading the Sunday service. Speaking to the press, the church leader said he was not opposed to the changes.

AIC regional chairperson in Katutu Mr Geoffrey Muthui brought a different pastor to carry out the Sunday service at Kiumoni. He revealed to the media that they had been demanding Charles Musyoka to bring  his theological certificate so that he is able to lead the church but he has never done so. He condemned Musyoka for interrupting the Sunday service for a while.


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