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Met warns Thurs to wkd rain could be vengeful in Kitui

Heavy rains are expected in all the eight sub counties of Kitui County on Thursday 2nd November. They will be accompanied by gusty winds and thunderstorms, according to the Kenya Meteorological Department [KMD]. "The strong winds may blow off roofs, uproot trees and cause structural damages ", warned the Weatherman.
Kitui County Director of Meteorological Services Mr Daniel Mbithi during a previous press briefing.|MWINGI TIMES

Kitui County Meteorological Services Director Daniel Mbithi said that "the heavy rainfall of more than 30mm in 24 hours is likely to continue and spread to other parts of the county between the night of Thursday the 2nd and Sunday the 5th".

The Met Department forecast that rains in Kitui County will subside on Monday 6th November.

KMD has issued warnings to residents of Kitui County to ensure they are safe during the heavy rains. Residents have been warned to avoid driving through flooded sections of the road or walking in moving waters.

To avoid being struck by lightning, do not shelter under trees during the rains. Do not shelter near grilled windows too "to minimize exposure to lightning strikes", added KMD.


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