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GLADYS Mawia: Let’s honour God in all we do

 MWINGI TIMES: Hello Glady Mawia and welcome to our MWINGI TIMES exclusive interviews where we seek to grow local artists.

Gladys Mawia's song Zaidi trends on YouTube while Support and Strength is enjoying massive streaming on Boomplay. Photo/COURTESY

How's Boomplay and Skiza tunes in relation to helping in growing local talents?

GLADYS MAWIA: Boomplay is good so far. Its a good platform for artists to showcase their craft and also a great platform for everyone to stream our music efficiently. My songs can be streamed on Boomplay free of charge.

Skiza tunes do help in growing talents as long as the artist rallies more subscribers on their Skiza tunes. I do encourage listeners to utilize such outlets to shower artists with their support since such outlets require little out of them but goes a long way to uplift/grow the artist.

Which song do you say was most received by your listeners? Why?

I have two songs that were received satisfyingly well and are currently serving their purpose out here, something I'm grateful to God for. In terms of views, "Zaidi" has garnered more views on YouTube whilst "Support and Strength" has more streams on Boomplay currently.

Are you working on any exciting project coming soon or we better get used to what we have?

I definitely have more projects to come and by God's grace it will be soon. I especially don't concentrate on speed but on God's guidance.

Gladys Mawia (centre) during a past performance with her band. Photo/FILE

Do you do collabos?

I currently have not done any collabo so far but it’s something I sure can consider in the future. 

A Gospel Music critic recently told me that some themes featured border on secular. Is it contemporary art or a shift in the good old way of singing Holy Praise and Worship songs based on the Holy Scriptures?

I believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever and His standards never change. Times are also changing and every generation is not the same, so I believe that there's no harm in improvising new and better enhancements in worshipping our God.

An example is in musical instruments. They keep changing as times go by with new inventions and enhancements which is all good. The issue comes in the intention behind anything when it comes to Gospel evangelism. Speaking particularly on Gospel music, the intention behind everything is what matters and the Scripture should be the guiding standard.

Are you still practicing media skills you learned or you shifted fulltime to Gospel genre!?

I intend to balance between Gospel music and career, unless God leads me to do Gospel music full time and solely.

Thank you.

I greatly appreciate you for this interview. Blessings to you and the MWINGI TIMES family.


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