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Contractor's role in Malombe gov't questioned

Residents of Kitui County have been urged to examine supporters of certain gubernatorial candidates before they cast a vote for them.

Senator David Musila (left) with former Kitui governor Dr Julius Malombe era contractor Mr Maru at Mivukoni market shed during his gubernatorial campaign tour on June 22, 2022.He criticized contractors of benefiting from government at the expense of ordinary citizens. Photo/SENATOR DAVID MUSILA PRESS

Speaking at Mivukoni market in Kyuso Ward, Jubilee Party gubernatorial candidate Senator David Musila urged his supporters to ignore former Governor Dr Julius Malombe over his government's relations with contractors.

Senator Musila added that Malombe mainly favoured contractors but the ordinary citizens were left behind.

The former provincial commissioner said Mr Maru from the region had his children employed by the Malombe government but the residents were not benefiting in any way. He said Mr Maru benefited because he was a contractor.

Senator Musila said that he will work for ordinary citizens not with contractors only.

“We should forget about saying Malombe is better. That is very dangerous to say. The person telling you Malombe is better is saying so in order to leave him governing you for five more years as you suffer. We have ten years of suffering for Mivukoni residents who have been deprived of development.

The person saying kava Malombe is saying so because of his selfish benefits. And I know one of those who say so is my friend called Maru. Maru… the Maru you are seeing here”, said Senator Musila.

Contractor’s name

Upon mentioning the contractor’s name, the big gathering burst into a roaring laughter which lasted for some time before calm returned.

Despite their differences, the former senator said that they were still friends although he unsuccessfully tried to talk to the contractor about his political stand. He then warned the electorate against voting for former governor Dr Julius Malombe.

“I know this Maru has his four children employed by Malombe. How many of your children have been employed? (by Malombe?) he asked Mivukoni market residents.

The senator accused Mr Maru of leading a campaign in discrediting him as having advanced years.

The former Kitui senator then went on to ask him “between me and you who is old? Remove your hat and come and stand here”. Then upon senator ordering him to come forward, another laughter ensued.

Senator Musila went on to tell Mivukoni residents that he was with Maru at the same village in 2017 and cautioned him against associating with some unnamed people. “But after some time, I heard that a car had dropped to Maru’s place. Everything has an end. Please, stop associating yourself with Malombe from today so that you can blend with other Mivukoni residents.

Senator David Musila requested residents to counsel Maru “so that he can change”.


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