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Renowned philanthropist MBAO breaks ground for public toilets in Kabubua Kanyama, Mbeere North

Business in Kabubua Kanyama came to a standstill today as the community witnessed a significant milestone in their quest for improved sanitation. 
'MBAO' (in green) together with members of community at Kabubua Kanyam when he visited to lay a foundation stone for toilet construction.|MWINGI TIMES

Renowned philanthropist Jacob Ireri alias 'Mbao' who is deaf, made a resounding impact as he visited the shopping centre and laid the foundation stone for the construction of a much-needed public toilet.

The bustling market, which has long grappled with inadequate sanitation facilities, erupted with joy and appreciation as Ireri's gesture promised to address a pressing need that has plagued the community for years.

Local residents, who have endured the inconvenience and discomfort of lacking proper toilet facilities, expressed their gratitude for the initiative saying th toilet will help many in the market.

"This is a monumental moment for our community," remarked Jane Nyaga, a resident of Kabubua Kanyama.

 "We have suffered without proper toilet facilities for too long, and Jacob Ireri's action gives us hope for a healthier and more dignified environment." she added.

The locals said Ireri's dedication to improving the lives of others, despite his own challenges, serves as an inspiration to many.

Speaking through a sign language interpreter, Ireri emphasized the importance of basic amenities in enhancing the well-being of communities. "Access to clean and safe sanitation facilities is a fundamental human right. I am honored to contribute to the betterment of Kabubua Kanyama and its residents." Mbao observed.

Local residents who anticipated for the facilities said the project came at the time they need it most stating that they have suffered for quite long.
" The project represents not only a physical infrastructure development but also a testament to the power of compassion and altruism in transforming communities for the better," he noted.


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