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Miambani chief nursing injuries in the war against bhang

Police in Kitui Central are investigating a case where a  bhang seller fled  after attacking Miambani chief and his assistant.They had nabbed him with a 50kg marijuana consignment.

30-year-old Simon Nziu attacked Miambani chief Muthoka Kilonzo on his arm and thigh with a bow and arrow. The local administrator and his assistant were overwhelmed by the drug dealer who had enlisted his brother to recover the  bhang and money recovered from the illicit trade.
"We surrendered bhang and money (to the gang). I was treated at the local heath centre and referred to Kitui County Referral Hospital for x-ray", said chief Kilonzo.

The attack took place on Tuesday evening. The chief expressed worries that bhang trade by the middle-aged man had spoiled many school going children who were his customers.


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