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God's grace guards my paths- Ev Danny Kioko

Evangelist Danny Kioko's newest worship song Neema has taken his YouTube fans by storm. The hit speaks about God's grace upon his life. He declares despite facing many obstacles in life, God's love has been sufficient upon him. This is by surrounding and guarding his paths.
US-based Ev Danny Kioko.|COURTESY 

The song has translation subtitles from Swahili to English in order to cater for the international audience as Kioko's multilingual audience can attest. He is based in the United States.

However, in the hurry to translate, the editor made some glaring mistakes such as misspelling the words "surround" and "guard". However, this doesn't dilute the immense blessings that touch the souls of listeners.

Fellow minister Stephen Kasolo concurrs that if it were not due to God's grace,  his enemies would have finished him. " Glory to God. Kama sio Mungu maadui wangenimaliza.. oooh this is so powerful.", he said after watching Neema song by Ev Danny Kioko.

In a pinned message to his supporters on his YouTube channel, Danny said Neema's message was meant to inspire them to keep trusting God "and lay all your hopes in Him. Psalms 125.1", he ends.


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