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Yes, men are economical with truth

Sammy Kioko lied to save his already dead relationship with Naomi. Yes. You read that right.
Men Can Lie show cast, left to right: Douglas Shikwekwe, Naomi, Sammy Kioko, Mercy and Abbie. Today was season finale, Episode 14.|SK ENTERTAINMENT 

This last episode of MEN CAN LIE is both conciliatory and revealing that all good things are brief. Kaa ukijua Abbie was forgiven but her ills are still remembered as the one who led to Naomi and Sammy splitting.

"Sammy lied to me that he was a pilot. I am bored. I am deeply sorry. I apologize", said Abbie. 

Petite and spotting swift steps in agility, Naomi organizes to go and visit Sammy in hospital. But not before declaring that he belonged to her past and should stay there. "I have suffered enough", she laments.
A YouTube cover showing an upcoming season finale for Men Can Lie. The show uncovered many reasons men lie.|SK ENTERTAINMENT 

Sammy's doctor diagnosed him with anxiety disorder having being triggered by his cheating sprees with  Abbie and Naomi.  He recommends peace of mind and a "good diet", whatever that is.

Alas! All this was a plot and a ploy to bring back Naomi to the fold. Sammy wakes up from the hospital bed he was lying. Men can lie. Indeed. 
"Kazi safi. Lazima ningerudisha bibi na hiyo style. Si tutoke na wewe ndiyo ikae kama niko mgonjwa cha ukweli!?", he suggests to his doctor.

Curtain.Respect. Until next time. 



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