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"We've been through much together

Caught up between search for peace after a nasty breakup, Sammy Kioko is a marked man headhunted for exit into uncertain future. Naomi appears to have had a certain revelation that it's true men leave some jobs not because they found better ones but to keep peace and massage ego from the fragility of bruising.
Who should be feared more? Men or women? Abbie thinks it's men but l think hot porridge is worse.

We in MWINGI TIMES ENTERTAINMENT are not convinced that indeed  Naomi moved on. She has some feelings for Sammy. She misreads him severally. She thinks he is jealous of her getting a new job or that he and Shikwekwe are poor in taking instructions.

Episode 8 of Men Can Lie series makes for a disturbing watch. Especially towards the end where Naomi's face is full of dripping tears as she begs Sammy to not resign yet he did just that already. Were it Douglas, his ears would listen.

Suffering together brings former lovers together. Sammy apologized not to be taken back by Naomi but to do the right thing. Do ex's say sorry in real life!!??! Wake up to reality of heartache and the carnage which is dating field in Kenya. 


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