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Vuusya's vulgar truth

Did Vuusya Ungu go too far in serving cold revenge to his alleged ex Damaris Nthoki? He appears to suggest that he will use local methods to solve a local problems: consult a traditional African "doctor".
Vuusya Ungu performing Nthoki Niwandesie, his latest smash.

But Vuusya Ungu's is no stranger to controversy and is used to issuing unpalatable statements in his lyrics which admittedly, are popular especially with the youth.

While it is a natural human feeling to nurse betrayal after a nasty break 💔 up, Vuusya's approach to clean content is brought to sharp focus especially his description of what will happen to Nthoki who he accuses of framing him for stealing cash.

Same fate will befall those who stole his guitar 🎸 in Garissa.

Is he insecure?


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