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Role of Weatherman questioned as El Niño forecast contradicted by Ruto

Kenyans have started questioning weather reports as President Dr William Ruto shifted government El Niño rains preparedness to what he described to be enhanced short rains. Being the experts in weather forecast, Kenya Meteorological Department is relied on by millions of farmers to make decisions about farming which is a major economic activities for many.
President William Ruto during a past function. |PCS

"The county is expected to experience moderate to heavy rains over several places during the forecast period", said Daniel Mbithi, the weather director of KMD in Kitui County. 

According to rain gauge readings across the county, Kyome area in Mwingi West had the highest at 170.8 mm. Other stations that gave high rainfall expectations were Kitui Met Office (153.6mm), Mutonguni (124.2 mm), Matinyani (95.0 mm), Waita Wangeni Village (77.6 mm), Tharaka Kiguru village (74.5 mm) and Nguutani Nzawa Village (40 mm) among others.

An indicator of less rainfall expected in several other areas was hinted by the Weatherman when he said "the rest of the stations either received very little rainfall or none".

There is no significant change in the expected temperature and storms forecast compared to last week's .The maximum temperature during the forecast period will range between 25°C to 34°C while the minimum will be between 16°C and 23°C. Strong south easterly winds of over 25 knots (12.5m/s) are likely to occur, said the Met Department.


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