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Body of baby exhumed after burial in Katulani

The remains of a body of a baby which was buried a month ago in Maliku area, Katulani Sub County in Kitui Rural Constituency, Kitui County has been excavated from the grave where it was buried.
A baby of a baby being exhumed after it was laid to rest last month in Maliku area, Katulani Sub County, Kitui Rural.The exercise was led by DCI officers accompanied by the family of the deceasedMWINGI TIMES/Josphine Mwende

A small box containing the cadaver of a baby was illegally buried in someone's land who is believed to be part of the father's family but unlawfully was put to rest in the wrong place. 

Francisca Kyambi is the sister to Eric's mother and  the owner of the land. Eric who is the father to the deceased got decided to burry his dead in his auntie's property without informing her or asking for the permission which provoked her and was bitter and uncomfortable with the act of her nephew  burying the baby's body without her consent.  

Kyambi took the case to the court to claim that Eric has to follow the law and ask for her permission before performing anything on his land. 

According to Mama Kyambi, she termed this as violation of law and an act should be taken immediately to find the rightful way to release the late child to rest.

Apart from that Mama Kyambi complained that the said father to the deceased is alleged that he had a share of the land.

 His mother who owned the land died.  Eric sold it all and migrated from that area and rented a house in town where they were staying up to the date. 

"Eric doesn't consult me in any way. I brought him up from when he was in Form One after his mother died but he doesn't listen to me and doesn't respect me", she declared.

According to the authority given by the court to the officers of  DCI is that the body to be exhumed and to be taken back to the hospital for the DNA test so that the family can prove whether the baby belongs to the family.

The area Police boss said that the body was excavated and moved to Kitui County Level Four Hospital Morgue for postmoterm to be carried out. Katulani subcounty OCPD Kibet Kitui confirmed to MWINGI TIMES.

The family will await a court's direction regarding the forensic testing.


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