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Love story brewed in girlfriend's house

He grabbed my hand as soon as I dropped my girlfriend in front of the house. I took off my helmet, looked at him, smiled and saidwhat happened? Laughing shyly”,he asked.“No one is home today." I replied then he interjected: I am very happy to hear that.
As the world marks Valentine's Day tomorrow, we share a story of a university student's dating episode in search of true love, if it even exists.

I left the bike in front lane and stood in front of the house.He grabbed my hand and gently opened the door and entered the house. He looked at me with shy eyes and said “Time but not much... just 5 minutes".  

I was even more embarrassed and asked, "five minutes?" I mean...He wouldn’t let me finish.
He took me by the hand and dragged me to the bedroom.Then sat on the bed and said “ No, I mean... scared... What’s the color with you?   

Sorry? Why be afraid?.I mean... this is the first time.... first time?? Hmmmm,how old are you? Yeah...18 years? I can’t  believe.... Honestly....

He went on: Well... no problems... leave it to me... have a lot of fun... wait 5 minutes...

My hands and feet seemed to cut. I could see blurring in my eyes.I took off my socks to reduce the tension. The tension kept on piling. 

I was breathing heavily so that my heart rate would not decrease.His voice came from the next room, That’s it, more minute . Another one minute.I looked at my feet and saw that they were squeezing hard.A voice came from outside the door.

"Are you ready? Aslam I... close your eyes.I closed my eyes in tension.The sound of slow walking came to my ears. An impossibly beautiful scent wafted to my nose.

He stood in front of me and said,” Raise your hand this time...I raised my hand in front of shuddered. Something hot touched his hand.I opened my eyes and saw a big bowl. A wonderful aroma of noodles wafting from there...He said “Do you see?”, That’s Mr. Noodles... just 5 minutes Eat quickly... or it will get cold.

STORY By ANN SYONG'OMBE, Student at Mount Kenya University
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