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MEN don’t want to marry us because we are virgins-Peace Loise

A young lady by the name Peacelois has termed virgins marginalised saying that they are not recognized. She urged the society to respect virgins.

@peaceloise TikTok video trended drawing praise and eyebrows alike. MWINGI TIMES/Courtesy

“I am a virgin. That feels too good to say and the reason I am coming out is that I have realized that we are marginalized in the society. We used to be the standard but right now you can’t find a single man who says they want to marry a virgin.

I don’t understand how that changed but I believe we deserve to be recognized. We deserve to be respected because we’ve kept ourselves pure for the men”, she said.

 @peaceloise video that trended on TikTok. MWINGI TIMES/ Courtesy

Her video went viral immediately she shared on TikTok. It has since garnered over 36,000 views, shared 333 times and attracted more than 1,600 comments. Check it here:

 Africangal33 said, “it is not easy keeping pure lately. May God recognize your efforts and give you a pure Prince. It takes a lot just know”.

Wambuiwagitheri concurs that Peacelois should tell Kenyans that virgins still exist.

Some viewers, however, did not believe her assertions.  “I don’t know whether to believe or not. You joke a lot. But if you are, kudos girl”, said Rosemary Waridi.

In January 2021, she was among the five people who won DennFace of Africa competition. A local newspaper described her as a fashion enthusiast, entrepreneur, a YouTuber, and a digital marketer.


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