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SYOKAU: Natafuta 3 million niongeze Haga kama Vera Sidika

Having seen it all, almost, Justina Syokau now wants to have butt surgery despite its health risks. Speaking during EMM ONLINE TV interview by Mwende Macharia, Syokau admitted entertaining the thoughts of taking fats from her abdomen, back and thighs and depositing them on her behind.

Gospel artist Justina Syokau (left) speaks to journalist Mwende Macharia during her YouTube TV interview. MWINGI TIMES/EMM ONLINE TV

She expects the procedure to take about KSh3 million. I'm here with you. I'm natural. I've not done butt surgery. People are saying mine will reduce so I have decided to go and get it. Nitaongezwa. Kwanza natafuta 3m niongeze”, she told Mwende while flaunting her rear view, swinging effortlessly during the sit down.

When the host said that Syokau can get a successful liposuction at the cost of around 0.8 million shillings, Syokau offered herself to be a client for the promo. defines liposuction as a surgical procedure that uses suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck.

Syokau has had a difficult marriage. She separated with her husband after a year. She accuses him of infidelity and being a womanizer.

Justina gestures during EMM ONLINE TV interview with Mwende Macharia. She has her own qualities that she is looking for in a man, having been married and her first marriage did not work./Courtesy

Syokau described the stint she had in marriage as a tearful one where the husband would cheat on her with the maid as well as neighbours. She would find rings and bras on her matrimonial bed and when she asked the man, she would be beaten up.

Mama’s boy

She said her ex-hubby was a mama’s boy who sent her to their rural home and never sent upkeep for her and her baby.

The third born in a family of five, Syokau says she is a go-getter who has specific qualities she is looking for a husband after her first marriage didn’t work. She said that the husband should be financially secure and not be a miser.

The husband should be the provider of the family as she will be his helper.

“I am single. I don't have a boyfriend. I don't have a crush too”, she says.

She is from a middle-class family in Mua Hills, Machakos County.

The only category of suitors she rules out are politicians who she says cannot cope with her public life.

Another kind of men that Syokau does not want for marriage is a nagging and a broke man.

Having been single for nine years, she says that her next husband doesn’t have to be handsome although she would like it if he is tall and is muscular.

The mother of one has released a new song called Najileta kwako. For Skiza subscription, dial *860*417#.

Besides being a Gospel musician, she is also an MC and an event planner.

Socialite Vera Sidika underwent surgery to remove butt implants. However, she released a video where some of her followers accused her of clout chasing.

“Where did you draw the line on clout chasing? This is a sensitive topic on women in general and being self-conscious with their image that turns to be fatal sometimes. This is not acceptable. #CancelVeraSidika”, a reader commented.

@Joelene Nakova expressed the need to exercise restraint saying that “we literally sold our souls to vanity”


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