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Thugs torch house of a renowned Mwingi businessman

Unknown people suspected to be thugs attacked a renown Mwingi based trader and torched to ashes his house, beat his family members before vanishing with some phones. 

A police van. Thugs attacked Mwinzi Mathitu's home in Ikusya village, Mwingi Central Sub County burning the house and making away with mobile phones. They also beat up the family. Photo/FILE

The gruesome incident that left some businessman’s family members with minor injuries happened Thursday morning at his home in Ikusya village in Mwingi Central Sub-County, Kitui County. 

Businessman Mwinzi Mathitu deals with the cattle business around the areas of larger Mwingi. 

Speaking to MWINGI TIMES on phone, Mathitu's son Eng. John Mwinzi said his father had been warned by a local administrator to be on the lookout.

Be vigilant 

"Somebody called our chief and said he had overheard some people saying they were planning to attack a businessman who deals in cattle selling business.  The chief told my father to be vigilant," Mr Mwinzi said.

According to him, his father called a neighbour to come and stay with him on Wednesday evening. "They were alert until around midnight, when they decided to patrol around the compound leaving my mother in the house. Minutes after they left the homestead, the thugs   who seemingly were hiding in the bushes in the neighbourhood all this while approached the house and started breaking the window panes before setting the house ablaze”, he said.

The firstborn son of the businessman said his mother had to crawl outside the smoky house to save her life and that of her daughter's little baby. This however worsened the ordeal because immediately after stepping outside the house and away from the angry flames, she landed into the hands of the masked thugs who were armed with crude weapons. "When she stepped out, she was beaten as they demanded for cash. But she said there was no money since everything in the house had been burned down to ashes. They grabbed her phones and asked for her M-pesa  pin number," Mwinzi narrated the family’s ordeal under the hands of ruthless gang. 

Police were called immediately.


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