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JANESIS: GHETTO girl divides rich family

IN a classic case of rebellion coupled with a tinge of poor timing, Andrew was caught frolicking with Jane, something Fari and Sammy successfully avoided in their earlier encounter.

The next episode of JANESIS may explore the yawning divide that separates rich and poor and the inadequacy of love to bridge it. Here, Jane dresses Andrew as he prepares to go to work. The Sammy Kioko Production is a big attempt in discussing many matters young people face in a relatable way. Photo/COURTESY

While MWINGI TIMES understands that this is just art, it brings to the fore fundamental questions with regards to setting boundaries.  It also helps in asking for how long a man should live in his father’s house.

A fully-bearded Andrew is accused by his mother of picking the low-hanging fruit at the expense of running the family business which is going south in millions of shillings losses.

Michael, a more rational and level-headed dad advises him to consider staying and not to rush in moving out even if eventually he will have his own place away from parents.

The drama goes full cycle when Andrew kisses his sister Fari goodbye and tells family that it is time.

Andrew: Mimi nilisoma vile nilifika mumeniweka kwenye biashara. I am doing my best in that business. Kama hamukuwa mnataka mnizae kwa hii nyumba wacha niende. Wacha niende nikafanye vitu zingine.

Mama Karimi: Ala! Ulikuwa unataka uzaliwe wapi?

Andrew: Na ni nini mnanitetesha? Kila wakati siwezi ka ana amani in my father’s house? I can go. I can go. Kama haiwezekani mniambie.

Mother’s love

The twelfth episode of JANESIS presents a chance to understand the depth of a mother’s love. Andrew’s mother appears to have an idea of what her son needs in a wife.

Mama Karimi does not view it entertaining for Andrew to interact with beautiful but poor Jane. She thinks he should marry a girl of his class. She thinks the ghetto families have a way of contaminating the elitist generation of haves who change cars as often as they do inner wears.

Jane who is the cause of all the arguments in the family eavesdrops during the fist-clenching and slappings. She then gets from her office (the kitchen) to come and share her views. Here are the takes.

Jane (To Andrew): Nakuomba msamaha. Kama ni mimi nafanya uende mimi nitaenda. Pole mum nimekukosea. Lakini hakuna haja Andrew aende. Afadhali mimi niende.

Andrew: I know. It is okay Jane. I can find a way. Just relax. Uko sawa.

Jane: Hapana. Mimi ndiye nimeleta hii shida yote kwa hivyo afadhali mimi niende badala ya wewe uende.

Since Andrew has already made up his mind to move out, Jane says that she will also leave work. She does not say where she will go. Will it be her Mathare slums or there are plans to hook up later with Andrew?

The next episode is likely to address these and more questions including if it was right to walk out of your own parents.

But it was definitely poor judgement on Andrew’s part to be caught with Jane in his bedroom by his mum. The girl was only doing laundry and ironing of clothes but now, she is just there.

Any man worth his salt would go Andrew’s way.



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