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Double tragedy in Kitui as two die at burial

 Shock, disbelief, grief and a sombre mood engulfed a village in Kitui County after death struck as a family in the area was joined by hundreds of mourners to bid bye to their loved one.  

The two were electrocuted after a tent they were moving fell on metallic posts which were exposed to live wires of electricity at Mutune village, Kitui Central Sub County. Photo/FILE

It was a double tragedy for the residents of Mutune village in Kyangwithya East Ward, Kitui Central Sub- County after two men died in a tragic accident that occurred during a burial ceremony on Saturday.

According to the local administration, the sad and bizarre incident occurred after a group of four men tried to move an already erected tent. 


The two were reportedly electrocuted after a tent they were trying to reposition collapsed with the metallic posts of the shade coming into direct contact with loosely hanging live electricity wires.

Their two other colleagues escaped death by a whisker after they sustained severe injuries. 

"The four were trying to adjust the tent to a convenient position when it came down crumbling causing the unfortunate tragedy," said area assistant chief Gabriel Mulevi. 

He added, "The affected were cooks at the burial event. They wanted to relocate the tent nearer their kitchen for convenience when serving food. The metal stands of the tent collided with the loosely hanging electric wires causing them to be electrocuted."

He said that one of the victims died on the spot while his colleague breathed his last while he was being rushed to the hospital.  The injured duo is recuperating at the Kitui County Referral Hospital. 


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