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EMBU MCA targets women and youth in empowerment drive

 Mbeti North Ward residents in Embu were elated after receiving empowerment equipment from their Member of County Assembly (MCA) Peter Muriithi.

Mbeti North MCA Peter Muriithi (Right) issues tents to welfare groups at Iveche Primary School. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

Muriithi issued 24 tents and more than 1,000 chairs to 24 welfare groups in the ward in a move to economically empower community welfares in the ward.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony at Iveche Primary school Embu, Muriithi said that the decision to issue the tents and chairs to welfare groups in Mbeti North was informed by his desire to empower the groups economically so that they can be well established.

He said the tents and chairs issued to the groups will uplift the economic status of the welfare groups in Mbeti North since the groups will be able to hire out the chairs and tents in various social events in the county which will be a source of income to them.

"It is an initiative to empower my people who have been renting the tents when they have social events. Now they will be able to facilitate their events and manage the tents according to their wish," said Mr Muriithi.

Mango processing factory

Murithi, a former Mayor called on other Mbeti North residents who might desire to benefit from such initiatives to form welfare groups so that he can issue them with tents and chairs adding that he has a plan of constructing a mango processing factory at Majimbo Embu where the top beneficiaries will be the youths and women.

While addressing the press at Iveche Primary School, nominated MCA Lorna Kariuki said the initiative of welfare groups in Embu hiring out tents and chairs to social events should bolster the unity of women in Embu County and be able to speak with one voice.

She said that the current women representative was neglecting her roles in the county to the extent that has forced Mbeti North Member of County Assembly (MCA) Muriithi to start doing the women representative roles.

Kariuki who is also an aspiring women representative added that the initiative of empowering welfare groups with tents and chairs was timely since there were people who have been hiring out tents and chairs to social events at a very high price but the initiative by Muriithi will enable event planners in the county to access the services at a reduced price.

"Its a wonderful thing that the MCA has done. This work is what a woman representative should be performing,” said Kariuki.


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