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Nobody is giving money to be recruited in this job, KDF officer tells recruits

 The Kenya Defence Forces recruitment kicked off today in Mwingi Central Sub County. The exercise was conducted at Musila Gardens. It comprised of qualified youths from Mumbuni, Waita and Kiomo Wards.

 A past KDF recruitment. Photo/COURTESY

While addressing the media, senior recruiting officer for KDF at Mwingi Central division Colonel Thomas Lesiyaloi said that the exercise will be free from corruption scandals.

“The exercise is free. There is no money. Nobody is giving money to be recruited in this job”, he said.

The KDF senior staffer urged the youth to come out in large numbers to be recruited to serve their country Kenya. He said after being done with Mwingi Central division, they will go to Mwingi West and later Mwingi East sub counties. In Mwingi West, they will be stationed at Migwani town.

Colonel Lesiyaloi outlined the requirements to be hired as KDF personnel as a height of 5 feet and 8 inches for boys and 5 feet for girls.

Boys will be required to have a minimum weight of 54.5kg in order to be considered for joining the KDF while girls must have 50kg to be hired.

All recruits must be Kenyan citizens, have no criminal record and should have attained the age of 18 years hence have a national identity card.


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