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We need more classes to fight Covid-19, Kangaru deputy principal says

The protocols to contain Covid-19 pandemic in schools are in high levels as form ones now join different high schools where they were called.

Silus Ndumba Ikiuga(centre) and his wife Ellyjoy Muthoni dress their son Ferdinand Finindi Ikiuga who joined Kangaru School today. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

A spot check today by Mwingi Times at Kangaru School revealed that in Embu County, students are joining in phases from today till Friday as a way of avoiding congestion.

The senior deputy principal Blasio Mugo said they were keenly following the Ministry of Health protocols to avoid risking students and their parents who are bringing their students to school.

Mr Blasio said they have located hand washing equipment in different locations in order to ensure that people wash and sanitize their hands before  and after entering the school.

The deputy principal also said the school was in dire need of an extra class because they selected almost 500 students to join form one and there are eight streams available contrary to nine needed.

Silus Ndumba Ikiuga, a parent who brought his son to the school lauded mechanisms placed to contain Covid-19 in school and expressed his satisfaction.

He urged the government to ensure students are not sent home due to fee balances because many parents had adversely been affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

Ikiuga who came from Nairobi for the admissions of his son Ferdinand Finindi Ikiuga said the government should continue putting further mechanisms to contain spread of Covid-19 so that schools don't close as some parents have already cleared fees for their students.

"These containment measures should continue being tightened but so far so good. I am impressed with what I have seen in Kangaru School,"said Ikiuga.



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