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Revealed: How debt default divided Kaningo

Two men engaged in a fight at Kaningo Market, Mwingi North sub county on Wednesday August 4. Following speculations being shared on social media, , Mwingi Times contacted a resident who sought anonymity for fear of reprisals that come with sensitive matters such as national security.

A crowd mills around the scene of crime where two men fought in Kaningo Market on Wednesday. Photo/COURTESY  

“There is no cause for alarm. There is a propaganda saying that one youth died in the fight but it is not true. It was two people; one a Kamba and the other a Somali who were fighting and the rumours started spreading”, she said before hanging up.

We have since established the name of the local who is a young man. He is called Mwinzi Kimwele from Kamuthanga village in Kaningo location. They were at Kaningo Market during the incident.

In a video we obtained, a crowd gathers at the scene of crime and a man shouts “umangai vaa mwikakimwe”, which translates to clear from this area so that you are not shot.

The residents complained that the game reserve officers were supporting one section in the conflict.

Some said that the police were intimidating them by brandishing guns in the ensuing conflict. “We should not be intimidated by guns”, said a resident. He then asked if the government supported a section in the conflict. “We want to know today”, he demanded.

Another short video depicts the extent of intrigues surrounding the fight between the two men.We have established that Daudi Gedi hit Mwinzi Kimwele alias Mandu Kasera on the head. He had used a stick to commit the crime which left the local bleeding profusely as if he was cut with a panga, says a local administrator who also sought anonymity for fear of reprimands from their seniors.

The whole fiasco was caused by disagreements over unpaid debt which Mr Gedi had defaulted. The creditor was Musee wa Ngui.


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