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How Mwingi schools performed in KCSE 2020

 Thitani Girls’ secondary school has an improved mean grade of 6.87 for 2020 KCSE results. In 2019, it had a mean score of 6.28.


Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu greets Thitani Girls' students in 2018 when she toured the institution. It has a mean grade of 6.87 in 2020 KCSE. Photo/FILE

Its score is higher than that of Kyuso Boys’ which is 6.60 mean grade. 

Like Kyuso Boy’s Thitani has two students who scored a mean grade of A Minus. Four scored B+ grade while 13 scored B constant. 25 scored B- while 23 C+.

Out of the 197 students of Kyuso Boys who sat for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations last year, 89 scored C+ and above.  The School’s mean grade was a C+ of 6.60. Two candidates scored an A minus grade which was highest. There was no A plain grade.

Other top scorers in the school were 12 B+, 15 B constant and 19 B-. Majority lied in C+ and C.

Kitui School excels

Kitui School has more than 96 per cent of its 2020 candidates qualifying for university admission. Its mean score is 9.15 which is an improvement from 8.59 of last year.  The improvement index is +0.56.

Kitui School principal Mr Mutua B.M said that two learners scored A plain grade while 22 scored A minus. The rest had between B plus and C plus. Only six missed the university cut off point. There were 159 candidates.

From the results tabulation seen by Mwingi Times, Kitui School is ahead of big national schools. Meru School has a mean grade of 9.03. Kitui School has 9.15.

But Meru School beats Kitui  School by the number of top scorers as it has 12 A plains, 51 A minuses and 71 B pluses. It has a 93.13 per cent transition rate to the university. That is, of the 320 students who sat for the national examinations last year, 298 scored C+ and above.

Story by Mwingi Times Team

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