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Learning from your enemies is the best way to love them

I love my enemies for two reasons: They inspire me to recognize my weakness. They also inspire me to perfect my imperfect nature. If appeasing our enemies is not the answer, neither is hating them.
Like everybody else, enemies need to be loved.

Somewhere between the extremes of appeasement and hate there is a place for courage and strength to express themselves in magnanimity and charity, and this is the place we must find. 

One very important ingredient of success is a good, wide-awake, persistent, tireless enemy. An enemy to an ambitious man is like the rhinoceros bird to the rhinoceros. When the enemy comes the rhinoceros bird tells about it. When a successful man is making mistakes the enemy immediately calls attention. 

Learning from one’s enemies is the best way to love them, for it puts one into a grateful mood toward them. It takes your enemy and your friend, working together, to hurt you: the one to slander you and the other to bring the news to you. When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know I’m slipping. The wise learn many things from their enemies. Know the enemy and know yourself. In a hundred battles you will never peril.

A nugget thoughtfully composed by Kelvin from Kenya.

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