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"When you get time, forgive me

The man who walks around with roses 🌹 seem to have bad luck trialing him everywhere he goes. Battling rejection from Naomi, Sammy redirects his elusive luck of seduction to Abbie. She also badly rejects him.
Abbie listens to Sammy Kioko (left) and Boss Okumu. Caught between loyalty and love, she rejected Sammy who was also rejected by Naomi.|SK ENTERTAINMENT

But according to what we have seen, it appears Abbie is hotter than Naomi since she is being chased by both Boss Okumu and his former staff Sammy. It is Abbie who made the company lose staff and going by her carnage, she will also make Mercy and Shikwekwe break up. 

Shikwekwe is battling heeding loyalty to his friend Sammy and loving his wife Mercy. But MT ENTERTAINMENT sides with Douglas on this since secrets are meant to remain secrets. Shikwekwe is under no obligation to tell his wife that his friend is cheating on her friend. Because three is a crowd and he better minds his own business. 

After all, he is praying and fasting for the friend to change his cheating ways. One answer to his prayers is Mr Kioko was busted.

It would have been worse. 

The twelfth episode settles one lingering paradoxical dilemma that when loyalty and love are on the line, save loyalty and love will take care of itself.

See you 13. Jinxed. Friday 10am on YouTube.


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