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"Pilot" Sammy crashes his own romantic plane

The Kofi Annan moment by Mercy to bring together Naomi and Sammy was not to be. Naomi defied hiding inside the toilet in instead of bedroom where Abbie was putting up in awaiting for, in her own words, "my babe".
Abbie treated Sammy's cheating as a mere statistic. Only asked hard questions and let go despite having hard evidence of the intruder.|SK ENTERTAINMENT 

Being a successful man makes man get lots of hard time choosing the person to settle down with. Pilot Sammy Kioko just crashed his romantic plane. It had three casualties on board, him, Abbie and Naomi. 

If he was to be believed, his heart is beloved to Naomi not Abbie.  Men and Women can lie. Shikwekwe, like other boys in any man's inner circle, knew who was fooling whom.
A cornered Sammy Kioko (left) goes speechless when asked by his ladies to choose "wisely". But somehow, his heart beats for Naomi not Abbie. And Shikwekwe knew all this but kept the ladies guessing.|SK ENTERTAINMENT 

One enduring lesson for all this is not to let your boss know your residence. That's why Mr Okum arrived unannounced scattering Sammy's plan. A former boss, even. 

But it is the olive branch extended that does not seem honest. "The door behind you is open", said   Okum welcoming back Sammy after he quit. 

When two interests are at stake, a business decision has to be made, however unpopular. In all lies, these men's relationships are shaky due to them relying on convenience and short term gratification. It's a thankless job.


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