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SUICIDE not a solution, King Kaka advises in new song

With harsh economic times, cases of suicide have been reported in the media. But in his new song, King Kaka addresses death by suicide.
King Kaka addresses cases of suicide in his new hit titled RAY CHAPTER ONE. Suicide has been cited as a global public health concern by the World Health Organization.

In the song titled RAY CHAPTER 1, an actor named Ray takes a rope and goes to kill himself. But that doesn't get accomplished because of the intervention of God's mercies.

In January 2023, King Kaka collaborated with Catholic Liturgical Music solo-artist and composer Anastasia Muema to produce a song titled Mwana Mpotevu.

With police receiving suicide case reports daily, the World Health Organization attributes the rise in suicide cases to unemployment and challenges in the legal and financial worlds.

WHO cautions against being involved in drug abuse since alcoholism is a cause of suicide. Other causes are bipolar  disorder, history of suicide in the family, past suicide attempt as well as abuse of other substances besides alcohol.

Being a serious public health concern, stakeholders in our communities need to fight and eradicate suicide cases which is among the top 20 causes of death worldwide, according to the WHO.


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