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TINA:I'd fight for someone I love unlike you Zainabu

With Sami having survived a messy fight over his gf Tina, nothing much can be said about Tobi because a gun just got cocked and was aimed at him.
Tina (left) accuses Zainabu of disloyalty to Tobi who was beaten up by Zainabu's mbaba Baraza./BRATHE 

BRATHE SERIES is in Episode 8 today. One thing that is certain is that there's no end in sight of chaos bedeviling Sammy's and Tobi's.

With a history of violence, Alex tries to win back Tina. That's after parting ways 90 days back. He is rejected as having no comparison to Sammy who "has time for me unlike you", according to Tina.

Because of societal patriarchy and a nasty flavour of misogyny, all men in this series project themselves as entitled. As such, they suffocate their partners and in the end lose them as they lose themselves in self-pity.

That explains why Mzee Baraza, a mbaba visiting a girl the age of his daughter without prior notice. He nearly killed Tobi in the last episode. 

This one is no better because he is ready to shoot Tobi who he holds in low esteem. Tobi's only "crime " is being broke and jobless.
Tobi fears for his life as Baraza readies to shoot him./BRATHE 

But it is Zainabu who exemplifies the true colours of betrayal. Having double dealt Mbaba Baraza and Tobi, she never helped Tobi who was being skinned alive by the moneyed man.

Therefore, one wonders if Zainabu loves Tobi since she was just there looking helpless and undecided during the love triangle fight which Tobi lost. Tina ends her talk with Zainabu thus: I'd fight for someone I love unlike you.


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