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Church donates food to liven Tseikuru people X-Mas

A church organization in Nairobi brightened  Christmas for nearly 1200 hunger stricken  residents of Tseikuru district in Kitui County by  giving them food stuff donations.
Rev Dr Euticauls Wambua distributes food aid to residents of Usueni market in Tseikuru district, Kitui County./MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

Led by their senior pastor Rev. Dr. Euticauls Wambua, the Lucky Summer Baptist Chapel faithful on Boxing Day distributed food aid to residents of Usueni, Ngalange and Musavani  locations.
The day long exercise in the remote areas of Mwingi North Sub County  saw the targeted residents get a 5 kilogram packet of maize flour, a two kilogram packet of sugar, a packet of wheat flour and that of of rice.
However, the benefactors had to content with a huge number of gate crashers at the distribution sites despite their not being invited.
The chief for Musavani, Kyalo Ngundi, said although only the elderly and members from the most vulnerable families in the society were targeted and invited, a huge group of uninvited people showed up due to biting famine being experienced in the area.
Rev. Wambua said he offered to share Christmas blessings with the people of Tseikuru after they approached him for food aid support due to hunger.
He noted that most of the residents were hard hit by  famine that was not only ravaging Kitui County but many other parts of Kenya.
"I decided to be a blessing to the people of this community by giving back to them  through giving them food this Christmas season,"  he added.
He said he has been touched by the plight of the people in the beneficiary areas who had been adversely affected by the current drought. He said the drought had been touted the worst do in the last 40 years.
The cleric said after the residents approached him for food support, he mobilised funds through partners and was able to purchase food for doling out to the hungry.

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