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Children, obey your parents, Mutha singer says

Unruly behavior of Kenyan children while at home or in school has been captured well in Gospel music singer Jeremiah Kamau Kaundu's latest hit named Syana Ikanwe.
Gospel artist Jeremiah Kamau Kaundu with his family.

Syana Ikanwe is Kamba for "let children be warned". The singer says there are many reasons for the kids to be shaped in order to grow up in an upright manner. This is the link to watch his song on YouTube: SYANA IKANWE

He wonders why the children of today cannot obey their parents, teachers and other elders. Maybe it is because of poor upbringing, he thinks. Or absence of alternative correction now that corporal punishment is not enforced.

"I can warn a donkey and it obeys me but my own child will defy my advice", says the father of three who also doubles up as an engineer, an Emcee and a DJ.

It's time the young ones heed his advice especially released during a time when children are at home for Christmas holidays, there are likely to be too much syana ikanwes.

The song is based on real life experiences. However, the names have been changed to avoid legal processes since the message is so hard hitting in an unrelentingly way.


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