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Why digital journalism skills are a must-have for reporters

Use of mobile phones to tell news stories is increasingly becoming the norm rather than exception. Packaging news should consider how the final product will look like when readers access it on their phones.

Reuters training course Introduction to Digital Journalism sponsored by Facebook Journalism Project.

Reuters, an international media organization has partnered with Meta to roll out a digital media course called the Reuters Training Course: Introduction to Digital Journalism. This is the link to join the training:

The course benefits both young and veteran reporters since it offers both technical insights and refresher about the enduring legacy of traditional media which digital press is riding on as it is relatively young and being developed each day.

MWINGI TIMES correspondents are part of the program and a number have been trained and awarded certificates for excelling in media.

The are editor-in-chief Musyoka Ngui and correspondents Daniel Mwanzo, Ronney Mwandikwa and Kipngeno Kenneth. More will graduate in the coming days too.

While congratulating the team, the editor urged them to apply the new skills learnt in order to improve MWINGI TIMES visibility in its regions of operation; Ukambani, Mt Kenya East and Nairobi City counties.

“Let’s apply the new skills learnt as well as reinforce the timeless principles of journalism we know”, said Mr Ngui.

In the inaugural course offered online for free, students are taught the following courses: digital newsgathering, verification and reporting, publishing effectively on social media, wellness and resilience and operating as independent media in a turbulent world.


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