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Fuel ration hampered police response to insecurity in Kitui South

ON Wednesday, the Senate Committee on National Security and Foreign Relations visited Kitui South together with local and other national leaders to restore security in the region.

Senate Committee on National Security and Foreign Relations toured Kitui South Wednesday on a fact finding mission to restore deteriorating security. It promised to resource police working in the remote villages so that they are able to respond well to the security situation. They pledged to ensure fuel ration is availed to police to be able to reach the areas of command for effective maintenance of law and order. /Courtesy

The Committee chairperson William Cheptumo promised to intervene and ensure police officers working in Kitui South Constituency have the required resources to curb insecurity in the area.

“As a committee we are taking up this matter with the Ministry of Interior to ensure that police in this area is well resourced”, said Baringo Senator Cheptumo.

Monthly ration

The Senate committee reported that security efforts in the area were hampered by monthly ration of fuel which was inadequate to enable police officers patrol Mutomo Sub County.

“The sub county receives 450 litres of petrol to fuel vehicles in all its police stations. Baringo Sen Cheptumo promised to intervene with the Ministry of Interior to ensure that the two police posts have vehicles while pushing the National Police Service to increase its fuel ration to police command in the area to improve its response”, said Parliament of Kenya on its Facebook page detailing the response of National Security and Foreign Relations Committee on Kitui South insecurity.

The senate committee urged the two communities involved in the conflict to maintain peace and coexistence as they have done in the past.

Insecurity in Kitui South constituency has been worsened by severe drought. Herders from Garissa County cross the border into Kitui County in search of grazing land for their livestock triggering conflict that has attracted the attention of the Senate.

Kitui South residents accuse the camel herders of invading their farms and converting them to pasture land therefore worsening security in the area.

Senate’s intervention on Kitui South security breach was as a result of Kitui County Commissioner Erastus Mbui appealing to the Senate to salvage the situation. He made the remarks on October 26 when the senate committee had toured the region to assess the extent of conflict.


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