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Charms leave Mwingi village puzzled

Last night a bizarre incident took place in Ndooni market leaving residents in disbelief.

 Charms dropped at Ndooni market in Tseikuru, Mwingi North Sub County. Villagers were perturbed by the sight./Courtesy

Scary charms were found dumped near EAPC Church. Ndooni village is located in Tseikuru ward, Mwingi North constituency, Kitui county.

At a closer look, onlookers saw an old pot that was sandwiched between Ndooni primary school and Mulangoni road. It lay at the junction.

Eyewitnesses said that an unknown person was seen at the site.

Ndooni village residents view charms believed to contain evil spirits.  They were dropped at a junction between Ndooni primary school and Mulangoni road./ Courtesy

"I saw a man who had parked a Subaru Impreza car at this point yesterday. I asked him what he was doing. He told me that he was waiting for some people whom they were to go for prayers at an undisclosed family", a lady who had seen them narrated.

The charms contained an old clay pot, a small well-designed casket, a small dress and a remote that had a five shillings coin stuck on it.


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