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Water woes hampering Tseikuru township expansion

 Due to biting drought situation, water levels in Tseikuru market have deteriorated. The current price of a 20 litre jerrican is KSh20. Up from KSh10 two months ago.

Former Mwingi North UDA MP Aspirant Charles Mwalimu greets President-Elect Dr William Ruto during his visit to Tseikuru town on February 24. Ruto donated KSh250,00 to repair a borehole in the market. Photo/RONNEY MWANDIKWA

Many shallow wells along Nziitu river have dried up.

"I have three wells but two have no water" said a resident who owns a portion of the river bed.

The water shortage has delt a blow to rapid expansion of the township where investors have put up rentals for growing Tseikuru Technical Training Institute students and lecturers and other residents and visitors.

Asked the role of county government in providing water, a teacher who owns some wells and rentals in the township said that they don't care.

During his campaign trail, President -Elect Dr William Ruto donated water funds to the local government officials to provide water to residents.

Owing to the sensitive nature of the topic, cronies, close family members of elected officials as well as their friends benefit from water supply. Most residents suffer. Yet they vote for these leaders promising to end water shortage in the township, MWINGI TIMES understands.


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