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Healing people and restoring hope

 MWINGI TIMES: Hello Sir and welcome to MWINGI TIMES interview. It is pleasure having you on the set. You come from Tseikuru and rose to the height of national gospel music. How does that feel? 

Gospel artists Danny Kioko (left) and Stephen Kasolo collaborated in Ithoka song which has attracted thousands of viewers on YouTube. Photo/ COURTESY

EVG DANNY KIOKO: Well, it is very fulfilling. There are many artists who are struggling down there. It is only by the grace of God that I have gone to the levels of an International minister.

2. We understand that you were recently featured in a national radio station and was told to sing by the presenter.

I have had many engagements with the media fraternity lately. Royal Media Services, County FM among other giant media houses.(Interjecting)

Which song was that? And how have fans received your song (s)?

The reception is great. My song; Yesu Ena Muvango and Ithoka are the best. I have received numerous shows and testimonies of the impact the songs have to our communities. People have been healed, hope restored and many have come to Christ through the ministry.

3.Your trip abroad. Where will you visit, for how long?

I am leaving this week. I have several invitations to minister in the United States of America. I will first land in Chicago, then proceed to Indianapolis where I will be releasing a new song. Then to Kansas City, Missouri, Boston and Dallas. During the entire stay, I will minister in churches, home fellowships and I am also privileged to be the guest singer at KEMEN (Kenyan Men Empowerment Network) Annual Conference and dinner from 22nd June.

4. Apart from singing, what other Ministry work do you do?

I am the Founder and Director of Danny Kioko Foundation that supports various community projects mostly skewed to supporting orphans. I am the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Tseikuru Baptist Church Academy. I am also the Missions Coordinator at GRC Ongata Rongai. I am a church elder at Tseikuru Independent Faith Baptist Church (my home church) and I serve God in many other capacities.

5. What can Tseikuru community learn from IFBC?

This being among the oldest churches in town, there are many lessons to take home. The church has born nearly all the churches in Tseikuru. IFBC is committed to true worship and values support to the community.

Service to God

Therefore, the biggest lesson is that service to man is service to God and that people should awaken and worship in truth and spirit. This is home to many great people including H.E Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon. Patrick Muthui Mwangangi (Irianga) who is my brother. 

6. We understand you have a school at the church. How has it helped the youth?

Our main goal for the school is to offer high quality education at low cost. Having a church background, the school focuses on child development and more importantly their spiritual being. On the other hand, the school is a big source of employment to our youths. We have more than 10 employees and hope to more than double this in the next couple of months. It's gonna be an icon in the community. We are working hand in hand with parents and students to make it great. We are also working on various investment proposals. Soon, you will hear of great undertakings in the school.

7. What are the challenges of today's evangelism compared to when there was no social media?

I think technology has really aided evangelism. It has actually made our work easier, I find myself preaching online in my Facebook account. People follow my messages on YouTube etc. However, this has created a rift in the way people behave and mostly, people are more exposed to the wrong doctrines. 

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