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KITHARYA: I am competing with myself and my good deeds to win Kyuso MCA polls

A week ago, we did a story about two Kyuso Ward primary schools in bad state being helped by an aspiring MCA Jonathan Muimi Kimanzi better known as Kitharya.

Kyuso Ward MCA Aspirant Jonathan Muimi Kimanzi alias Kitharya says there is need to make Kyuso an investment hub. This includes partnering with sponsors for the benefit of wananchi. He lambasted some leaders as being a hindrance to mineral exploitations in the Ward which is the headquarters of Mwingi North Sub County. Photo/COURTESY

Muuluko and Gai primary schools got a facelift and the youthful aspirant tells his compatriots that they should expect more in future once they vote him in as Kyuso MCA.

Kitharya says that leaders in Mwingi North are to blame for run down education institutions for both national and county governments. Leader are the ones to blame. "Kyusoians are waiting for young energetic person who can take them to the next level" he says.

Kitharya is of the view that the government should work closely with development partners to ensure the ordinary citizens’ lives are uplifted.

In the dry land, drought is prevalent and water scarcity is the norm. In his manifesto, Kitharya says that water will be the most important campaign promise to delivered since its use tied to others. This plus better roads and better schools is what he says is the answer to Kyuso being overtaken by other regions as an investment hub.

He adds that he also wants to boost healthcare once voted in. He says that locals don’t need to travel long distances to get treated for diseases that can be treated at home. A yearly kitty of KSh1.5Million should go to each location in Kyuso ward to do development projects, he says.

In the recent past, a number of financial and academic institutions have set up base in Tseikuru. This is despite Kyuso being the sub county seat. "Kyuso should be the hub of all these but we are being overtaken by Tseikurians because of electing business orientated politicians ", he says.

Mr Kimanzi avers that sibling’s rivalry has subjected Kyuso on a losing streak in terms of development. With that, he says his manifesto contains conducive environment plans for all including the churches.

When asked to show our team around for the best tourist destinations in Mwingi North host ward, Kitharya doesn’t mince words. He claims that it is ironical that the ward is endowed with a lot of minerals but political brokers have made dreams of residents hard to realize. A case in point is limestone deposits located in Ngaaie area. They have never been exploited.

He declines to name his frontrunner competitors saying that he is only competing with himself and his good deeds to win Kyuso MCA seat.

"I'm competing with myself and my good deeds will make me the Kyuso MCA come August 9, 2022", says Kitharya..


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