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Water is life, a reason we need to hydrate our bodies more  

It is yet another episode, our dear esteemed readers, of the Stay Healthy column on MWINGI TIMES. It is our hope that you found our previous article useful.

Today we are going to take a great look at yet another important aspect about health. We are always told that it is important to drink water, but the question is, what amount of water should we take and why? Well, Stay Healthy has most, if not all, answers to your questions.

According to a study done by the U.S National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine is that Men should have a daily intake of water of at least 3.7 litres, while women should have a daily intake of 2.7liters. Does that sound too much? Not really. Remember, it is healthy.

The amount of water intake is critical in the body for a number of reasons.  The first point starting us off this discussion is that water aids in formation of saliva and mucus. If you have never studied basic Science in elementary learning or been a student of Biology perhaps you might have once wondered where saliva comes from and whether water intake is important in the formation of such an important component in the human body’s digestive system.  Well, you now know – that saliva is an essential fluid that aids in food digestion and keeps the eyes, nose and mouth moist. Therefore, drinking more water improves production of saliva, a digestive fluid.

Water is life

 It is obviously said that – water is life; and indeed, it is. This is because water is used as a medium to deliver oxygen throughout the body thus, making the air intake sufficient.

 Moreover, it helps in temperature regulation. Wondering how? Not anymore. This is evident when we sweat, every time the body heats up. The evaporation of sweat, helps in cooling the body.

 While water uptake is important to human kind, at this juncture I am putting forth this point which is more important and amazing for ladies to note. Water is not only pretty benefactor to the skin but also a beauty booster. It helps prevent premature wrinkling. Ladies, this is a simple beauty hack that is going to have you glowing all through. Try this out today.

 Whereas hypertension has become a common ailment in the current society, water is important in combating the disease which has wreaked havoc among so many families.  The precious liquid aids in maintaining the blood pressure. How is this possible? Water is important is preventing thickening of the blood, thus preventing a shoot in your blood pressure. Now you know better.

Weight loss has become a common goal amongst many people across the world. From fasting to taking concoctions of smoothies to attending gym sessions, people are taking serious measures to address their surging weight. But did you know that water is also key in undertaking this rather important journey. Research justifies this statement – where water has been discovered to be one of the many different ways to help in weight loss. Replace those sweetened juices and sodas with loads of water, and wait for the results.

As I pen off this article, I want to underscore how water is useful when it comes to flushing out unwanted waste in our bodies. These wastes could include sweat, urine and faeces.

Important to note is that other than what I have listed here, water has more distinct usefulness in our bodies. A piece of advice would therefore be: make sure to have a bottle or glass of water around you every single minute. Never let your body feel dehydrated. Make water your close friend, and you will definitely love the results. Guys, ladies and gentlemen; it is all about being healthy.

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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