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EMBU MCAs drum support for regional political party

 Embu Ward Representatives have been advised to desist from marketing political parties whose origin is unknown to avoid future frustrations.

Majority Leader and Kithimu MCA Michael Njeru has advised his Embu Assembly colleagues to support a regional political outfit that will lobby for development resources allocation from Nairobi. Photo/COURTESY

Majority Leader Michael Njeru opined that there was need to strengthen regional parties for ease in lobbying and arbitration of disputes. The Kithimu MCA said multipartyism was important to safeguard community interests which were often disregarded in ‘foreign’ parties led by “strangers”.

In addition, Njeru who spoke during a County Assembly Sitting noted that the resources trickling down to the devolved units of governance were hardly enough, therefore raising the need for a regional political outfit that is well connected to the National Government to negotiate on terms to implement additional development projects.

On his part, Deputy Speaker Steve Simba warned his counterparts against blindly following a political party where they knew nobody at a personal level. The Runyenjes Central MCA who is eying the area parliamentary seat under the Devolution Empowerment Party aka ‘Bus’ predicted that many aspirants would suffer political humiliation for rushing behind a mysterious wheelbarrow symbol.

Safe landing

Simba said out of wisdom, he had parted ways with Nominated Member of National Assembly Cecily Mbarire who is a top lieutenant in the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and chosen to chart his own political path. Amid cheers by his colleagues, the MCA said the ‘Bus’ party would offer safe landing for those who would be trounced at party primaries and accommodate them in various county offices.

Mavuria MCA Ngari Mbaka expressed confidence that he would successfully defend his seat under the ‘Bus’ party, declaring he had done his best for the community as an elected leader. He added that he had chosen to seek charity from a party in his backyard, stating that pursuing reelection under a political outfit whose leadership did not hail from the Mount Kenya East region was foolhardy.

However, Kyeni North MCA Patrick Mukavi called on the leaders to be prepared for any eventuality despite the political vessel they would be using. He observed that some had already registered a downward trend on the ground while others were not vying for any seat, meaning that the County Assembly membership was bound to change after the August 9th General Election.

Kyeni South MCA Salesio Kimaru echoed Mukavi’s sentiments by saying he was also ready for any eventuality. But on a different tone, Nominated MCA Terry Mbuchi departed from the position held by her counterparts by announcing that she would be seeking to unseat Mukavi on a UDA ticket. She also said she had no preferred gubernatorial candidate but was listening to the voices on the ground.


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