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NDINDA: Dealing with excessive Sweating


The current weather condition is not turning out to be a friendly in a number of ways. It is so hot and dusty. The all-sunny weather comes along with lots of sweating, something that most of us aren't so comfortable with. 

 Sweating helps cool the body from excessive heat. Photo/COURTESY

Sweating is one of the metabolic processes in our bodies. Sweating is a form of excretion of the excess water in our bodies. This helps in cooling the body, although it kind of makes us feel uncomfortable since we get to have a certain smell.

There are those of us that sweat even when it's not hot, in such a way that you find it's in the morning and they are already sweating. Others tend to be handling large workloads thus fastening the process hence the excessive sweating. Stay Healthy will want to help you out with this by providing some simple steps to follow. To deal with this, we need to consider to following points:

Wear breathable fabrics- You should put on light clothing with good ventilation to allow moisture escape from your body. On the same point, consider lighter colours, that tend to reflect the sun other than absorbing it.

Additionally, if you just indoors, you can keep cool by having something light on, and ensure that you have the windows open to let in the fresh air and avoid the heat. If you are outdoors, consider staying in shady places.

Bathing daily - a daily bath especially in the afternoon or evening will help in cooling the body and remove the dirt on the skin thus feeling so refreshed. Make sure to clean areas such as under the arms and also in between the toes.

Finally, choose outfits that match your activity. This will help you in making sure that you choose what is right as per the weather. Ensure the outfits lets out the moisture so that it does not stick on your body or clothes.

If you could be having excessive sweating, you should consider visiting a doctor for diagnosis to know if it's a normal thing or something that needs extra attention.

Thank you so much our dear, esteemed readers for allowing us to inform you on different things, in a variety of ways. We value you. Till next week, be safe. 

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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