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SIPANGWINGWI, you will wait longer to see me get married, Kalonzo son says

 Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s son Kennedy Musyoka told a local TV station that hapangwingwi.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka's son Kennedy during an interview with TV47. Photo/COURTESY

He had been asked if he was married. He said not yet and it will take longer before he does it.

“Sipangwingwi.  I like my life to remain private because Kenyan politics sometimes can be chaotic. Kama mna haraka sana mtakumbushwa wimbo wa Mwana FA unaitwa Unaoa Lini.

When further prodded on when he will be married, he tersely said that patience was key in having him get married.

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Mr Musyoka said he had a strong bond with his father given that they are both lawyers and have similar personalities. This includes, according to Kennedy, that they are both patriotic, peace loving and God-fearing.

The young lawyer benefited from mentorship from his dad which he says started a long time ago. He says his father is the best qualified to be the fifth president of Kenya since he is passionate about fighting corruption and is a diplomat.

Away from representing his electorate in EALA parliament, Kennedy has over 20 cows and few goats which got him into trouble with his dad Kalonzo.

He said that he had many goats but his dad felt that they were destroying his farm. So, he sold some and invested elsewhere. He currently has only 10 goats.

Musyoka’s first degree was in Politics and International Relations. The lawyer says that he enjoys applying logic when debating and if the other person he is debating with makes sense, he can buy his/her argument.

“I am a lawyer so I rely on logic”, he said. While admitting that he differs with his dad on some aspects of life, he adds that he listens to him.

“If I have difference in opinion with him, I will listen to him. If he makes sense, I will follow him”, said Kennedy Musyoka.

He sought to set the records straight about the notion that he was elected as EALA MP because he is Kalonzo’s son. He believes he was the most qualified.

“I was not given the position (of EALA MP) because I was Kalonzo’s son.  It was because I was the best candidate”, says Mr Kennedy Kalonzo.

His nomination came at a time when the ruling Jubilee party had wrangles with opposition’s NASA. Back then, Kennedy was doing consultancy in Wiper party.

“They said they want party loyalists who cannot betray the party… in the end, we were chosen after doing the interviews”, he says.

He regards himself as a farmer, consultant and a patriot.


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