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Keep off village politics, Wiper MCA who decamped to UDA tells Kalonzo

 Deputy President William Ruto’s forays in Kitui County has left the political kingpin and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka in a serious verbal exchange with a party MCA Philip Nguli alias Kalumaita who recently defected to UDA.

The defector Wiper MCA Philip Nguli shakes hand with DP William Ruto when in Kitui County during his presidential campaign blitz on Saturday. Photo/MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

The Wiper leader has declared that the move by the MCA was a serious political goof with far reaching ramification in the MCA’s future political career. But the MCA says he exercised his unassailable democratic right and acted according to the whims and wishes of his Migwani ward electorate.

Kalonzo further charged that it was not only an act of dishonour for the MCA to have quit Wiper to embrace Ruto’s UDA bandwagon but he had been heavily bewitched. He said due to the move the MCA will not be able to reclaim his seat.

A bewitched man

 “Some people are so disrespectful. How dare can Kalumaita run into Ruto’s hands and abandon Kalonzo? He is a bewitched man,” said Kalonzo. He went on to quote the Bible to assert that witchcraft was real, saying; “Paul wondered to the Galatians; who has bewitched you Galatians?” 

Kalonzo launched the offensive on Nguli on Saturday, a day the latter was with Ruto who was popularizing his 2022 presidential bid in various parts of Kitui County including in Kalonzo’s home turf Mwingi town. 

Kalonzo was chief guest during a meeting to raise school fees for children of his long-time political friend, Benard Kilonzi, in Kisovo area in Nguli’s Migwani ward. 

The defector Migwani MCA (Wiper) Philip Nguli with DP William Ruto during a previous public rally at Migwani market in Mwingi West sub county, Kitui County in October this year. Photo/FILE

Once Ruto had left, the MCA on Sunday came out gun blazing. He told the media that the attack on him by Kalonzo was unjustified. He said if Kalonzo had been offended by his action, he should have summoned him for a round-table talks to resolve the matter.

“I did not expect Kalonzo to stoop to the level of playing village politics by coming to publicly vilify me in my ward. He is too senior for such politics. He should be playing national politics. At that rate the closest he can get to the presidency is through Viusasa or Afrocinema,” said the MCA.

He added that he was surprised that the Wiper leader who proclaims Christianity could associate him with being bewitched for exercising his democratic right of association. He called on Kalonzo to respect his democratic decision and stop condemning him in public.

He was not amused that the Wiper leader who professes Christianity, could publicly proclaimed that a witchcraft spell had been cast on him (MCA) and thus he will never be again be elected to any position in future.

The MCA said he was not shaken by Kalonzo’s statement that he would not be re-elected, saying even Kalonzo himself stood no chance of being elected the president of Kenya. “After all, Kalonzo has lost many elections and he is not anywhere to attaining the presidency which he has been eyeing for long,” he said.

Nguli insisted that he had made an ideal decision to ship out of Wiper party and did not regret the move.  


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